Spanish / French Tunnel Film

Sunmaster Lite


We only sell complete rolls please call for quote.

Use SunMaster Lite for:

Spanish/French field scale tunnels 
Cut flowers
Salad crops 
Nursery stock


SunMaster Lite set the trend of XL Horticulture over the past 10 years by using the latest in polymer technology to manufacture the film thinner but stronger, making it not only more economical to buy but more economical for transport and recycling.

SunMaster Lite 140 mu is therefore stronger than many 180 or 200 mu films, but light enough to make the handling of long lengths much easier. + Natural Daylight UV transmission.

Its only in recent years that it has been possible to create a polythene which allows the full spectrum of natural UV daylight through. This full UV spectrum film has a dramatic effect on flower, fruit and foliage colours. This is particularly on the blues and reds as UVA/B (280-400 nms) are the spectral wavelengths that are required to intensify these colours. Normal films and glass block the UV below 350 Nms. but SunMaster Lite transmits the same full spectrum of natural UV light that plants would get if they were grown outside. Research has shown that natural UV levels also produce a more compact sturdier plant which is more resistant to disease. Plants root out into the pot better under SunMaster natural UV films than under conventional types of polythene. This low level of UV It is also important in enhancing flavour in red fruit.

SunMaster Diffused films also have an additive which reflects part of the infra red thermal spectrum. This reflection will not only make the greenhouse up to 10% cooler than a clear film in high sunlight conditions, but also gives a much more pleasant working environment. More importantly when there is a lot of IR A/B (700-3000 Nms) it lowers leaf temperatures, reducing tip scorch and reducing moisture stress on the leaf and plant. Strawberries will ripen with better colours, less white around the tips and calyx and arguably with a better taste.

Flower crops will have enhanced colours, particularly in the Red and Blue spectrum. Natural UV radiation is also critical for salad crops with red leaves.

Although any size width/length roll is available (subject to tonnage) these are our standard stock sizes which can be cut down to shorter lengths (up to a maximum of 150m in length).

The roll length has been carefully calculated to minimize waste but also make handling easier.


UV Guarantee 4 years
Life expectancy 5 years
Thickness 140 mu
Polymer make up co extrudedPe / MLLdpe
Diffused yes
UV status full UV transmission
Thermic slightly
Anti Fog no
Light Transmission ~90%
Appearance milky white

Stock Sizes:

8.2m 600m
9.2m 600m
9.7m 600m
10.2m 600m
12.2m 600m
 Please note we only sell complete rolls.

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