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Quick Build Garden Polytunnel Kits


By far the quickest, easiest, and most durable garden polytunnel you will ever buy. No specialist tools or skills required, everything simply slots or bolts together...

This NEW kit is high quality, simple to build and at the lowest possible price. Aluminium base rails, aluminium door frames and an option of aluminium sliding doors or a low-cost PVC panel. The Quick-Build Polytunnel Kit features screw anchors that are quick to install in comparison to the time it takes to dig holes for anchor plates. Our ‘W-Wire’ polythene fixing system that only takes a fraction of the time...

 Screw Anchors - No digging, no mess and very quick

‘Wiggle Wire’ Polythene Fixing System - Quick, simple & secure 

Aluminium Base Rails - No need to trench-in the cover 

Aluminium Door Frames - Pre-cut - no carpentry required 

Aluminium Siding Doors - Easy to assemble and problem free 

Two Piece Hoops – Stronger than 3 or 4 section hoops

So, What's in The Quick-Build Kit? 

Screw Anchors by far the best and most popular method. Suitable with most soil types, especially clay soils. Avoid only on ground with a high stone/rubble content, peat soils, loose ground which has been recently disturbed or deep cultivated. (If this is the case then you can concrete the screw anchor into the ground instead or contact us for our standard ground tube)

Each screw anchor only takes 1-2 minutes to screw into the ground. Compare this to the time it takes to dig each hole when using either the concreting method or ground anchor plates, and without any of the mess or exertion. In recent tests, we measured the strengths of different polytunnel foundation options. The tests showed that the conventional method of concreting the foundation tubes into the ground was the strongest, but only just. A remarkably close second was our new screw anchor system, which outperformed the concreting method on several soil types. In third place, trailing a long way behind, was the use of ground anchor plates (sometimes called ground anchors). They simply did not come anywhere close to the other two methods. To give you some idea of the difference, we compared our screw anchors to one of our competitors heavy-duty ground plates kits and found that it took four times more force to pull our screw anchors out of the ground.

 Other foundation options are available please call: 01667454875 

Wiggle Wire (‘W-Wire’) 

Aluminium base rails, doors and door frames all incorporate our unique ‘W-Wire’ polythene securing system. Simply weave the ‘W-Wire’ into the open channel of the aluminium rails & frames, securely trapping the polythene in place. Do not worry if you need to redo a section, it is easily unclipped and can be ‘wiggled’ back in to place in a moment, ensuring a tight, neat finish every time! This is especially useful when pleating the polythene around the door frames. For those of you who have previously used timber rails you will already know how difficult it is to fasten polythene using wooden laths/battens - trying to pull the polythene tight whilst holding a lath in place, positioning the nails, and finally hammering them home, and all with only one pair of hands. ‘W-Wire’ is the easiest and quickest system on the market and does not require any specialist tools.  

 The hoops are made from three or four pieces are easier to make and more convenient to deliver, however, they are not as strong as a two-piece hoop and often require extra bracing bars to support them. That is why we only make two-piece hoops, and one of the reasons why we sell so many polytunnels to customers in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  All our steel tube is construction grade Z35 which is galvanised both inside and out. It is 32mm diameter with a 1.5mm wall thickness.NOTE: Watch out for other manufacturers who use 25mm or 28mm tube, and sometimes with only a 1.2mm wall thickness (20% thinner).  

Aluminium Base Rails & Door Frames 

Due to the natural variances which occur in timber, and its much shorter lifespan, we now only use aluminium for our base rails, doors, and door frames. Aluminium is free from defects (such as knots, splits.) and will last a lifetime, unlike treated timber which has a lifespan of around 15 years.

All the fixtures and fittings are simple to attach and allow a little room for adjustment, if required. Every piece of aluminium cut precisely to length, removing the need to trim off any excess. Our single door frames have a 0.8mtr opening. The double door frames have a 1.7mtr opening. Due to the extra width of a double door frame, they are only available for 12ft (3.66m) and 14ft (4.27m) wide polytunnels. The height of the door lintel is approx. 2mtr.

Aluminium Sliding Doors: Made from easy-to-assemble aluminium sections incorporating our unique ‘W-Wire’ polythene fixing system. Supplied with enough materials to fully clad it with polythene, or to clad the top half with netting for extra ventilation. PVC Ventilation Panels: Fabricated from translucent PVC fabric with a PVC mesh insert. Comes with a removable translucent PVC fabric panel which simply attaches over the mesh (to seal the vent) with its Velcro edging. This can be fully opened, fully closed, or partially opened. Gives ventilation without allowing unwanted pests to enter your polytunnel. Quick and easy to fit.