Polytunnel Tips

Don’t forget to use your polytunnel

Sounds a bit of an odd thing to say, but what I mean is make use of a polytunnel all year round. It’s there and you’ve paid good money for it so you might as well keep it stocked and benefit from all that lovely fresh produce.

It’s a challenge to grow anything in the winter months, but if you think about it, anything that you grow outside in the winter will grow just as well inside the polytunnel like winter greens and even winter salads.  Just provide a little extra protection at the first sign of frost and try and generate a little heat if you can. One idea that I find works quite well is to fill a few buckets with water. The heat of the day will warm the water just enough to protect against a one or two degrees of frost.

Is it hard work maintaining a polytunnel ?

Well, I spend a fair amount of time in mine but I really wouldn’t be able to garden to the extent I do without it. Its great for shutting out the bad weather and it really feels like I’m achieving something when I relocate to the tunnel with the wind and rain doing its worst outside. Other than occasionally washing off the build up of algae on the surface of the plastic, there isn’t a whole lot of maintenance to do.


More tips to come

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