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Highland Super Strength Polytunnel 10' Wide

 Our Super Strength Garden polytunnels have been tried and tested in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

  The 10' wide polytunnels are available at 5’ hoop spacing's

Standard Polytunnel Kit Include:   50mm Ground Tubes: 50mm Hoops: 4 Diagonal Braces: 2 Timber Base Rails: 1 Set of Crop Bars: AHST: 2 Single Timber Sliding Doors, 2 Extra Ridge Bars and a Super Therm Cover. 

You can however add extra options: Upgrade to Double Doors: Aluminium Base Rails: Staging: Irrigation: Side Rails and Netting: Roll up Curtains: Raised Beds.

 Construction   We can also offer to quote for our professional construction team to construct your new polytunnel. 

  Ask us for a quote. We do require a full postal address and size and spec of the polytunnel.

Should you not see the size or spec you require please contact us for quote. Click here