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Deliveries (home and to Garden Centre)

Mill finish (including single and bulk order accessories)  -30 weeks
Mill finish specials (dwarf wall, drop doors any other modifications to standard spec) – 30 weeks
Powder coated – up to 30 weeks
Powder coated specials – up to 30 weeks
The demand for greenhouses is continuing to exceed supply for materials and despite the Summer traditionally being a slower season than the Spring, it appears that this year is definitely bucking that trend. With this I mind I reluctantly have to increase the lead time again for new orders with immediate effect.


With over 50-years of greenhouse manufacturing expertise and experience you can be sure an Elite Greenhouse is at the forefront of quality and technology. Through generations of modifications and research. The gardening professional to the humble beginner, everybody deserves the best possible start in their growth management plan, and with Elite's wide variety of greenhouses from the gargantuan Classique model all the way down to the Compact or Window Garden, we are sure to have the perfect model for your needs.

Look for the name - make sure it is an Elite!

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Elite Greenhouses Limited guarantees that no aluminium part will rust, warp or be of an unmerchantable quality. Any part found wanting within these categories, providing the products have had normal use, they will be replaced free of charge. 

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights under the sale of goods act. 

This guarantee does not cover broken glass or storm damage to the frame. 

This guarantee covers your elite building for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. 

In the unlikely event of any guaranteed issue or claim, proof of purchase will be required in the form of a merchant’s receipt. 


1. All components conform to British Standards 

2. Except for the Cold Frame, the aluminium gutters manufactured in as standard which add additional strength to the existing structure and allow for a rainwater collection kit to fitted to collect and recycle the rainwater. 

3. Stainless steel clips used throughout which eradicate the fears of rust, warp, and rot. 

4. All buildings, except for the Window Garden and 2' long R-Type, come with at least one 4ft sq. roof vent. Depending upon what the building is going to be used for, additional roof vents and side louvres can be purchased. 

5. Fingertip sliding door(s) (not hinged) provide easy use. 

6. Gutter, ridge and cills are in full lengths up to 20'. 

7. If you require a base, Elite only supply bases made from aluminium. Removing the fear of rust, rot or warping and can also be powder coated to suit any greenhouse, unlike other base materials. 

8. All our frames come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. 

9. Ground level access is standard on the Compact, Streamline, Craftsman, High Eave and Belmont models.