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Garden Polytunnel Starter Kits



Buy the steel work and cover from us and buy the timber yourself locally

Or just trench the cover

These kits are for the Hobby Gardener or Allotments who want to save money by buying the steel work and cover only.

This means you the customer would supply the timber for the door posts and the base rail if you do not want to trench the cover into the ground, this will cut your cost down as buying timber locally will be a lot cheaper. It will also speed up the delivery process. 

We supply these at 8’, 10' and 14' wide by almost any length

Kits include 

Set of standard ground tubes, 35mm OD hoops for 14' wide structures, 25mm for 8' and 10' wide structures, set of crop bars (the amount depends on the length of structure) Anti Hot Spot Tape, All galvanised Fittings, and the cover.

You can also include base rail fittings to allow you to fit a base rail. (not included in the standard kit) Ask here for quote

The ground tubes must be concreted in if using base rails.


Timber you will require for trenching system

3'' X 2’ ‘Timber for door posts for each end.

Timber you will require for base rail system

3'' x 2'' or 4'' x 2'' Timber for base rails.

1'' x 1.5'' battens for fixing cover.

Timber required for doors

2'' x 2'' Treated timber.

No door furniture supplied.