Container Canopies



The Container Canopies are temporary, multi- purpose, easy to install and quick to dismantle. Attaching to two   standard 20ft or 40ft shipping containers the Container Canopy will maximise storage space without breaking the bank. 

Using galvanised 60mm steel and heavy duty fire retardant PVC , the canopy is designed to withstand the elements. The pitch roof of the structure allows snow and rain to run away from the top. The canopy will suit containers spaced between 4250mm (14ft) and 8000mm (28ft 6in). Designed and manufactured in house the Container Canopy would be a great addition to your company’s portfolio of products and we would welcome the opportunity to work in partnership.


Container Canopy Dimensions

Width Canopy Height Overall Height Container Height PVC Frame Max. Snow Load Max. Wind Load
10m       3m      5.6m       2.6m 610g/m2 76mm ArmourGuard® Steel      650N/m2 260N/m2 (27m/s)
12m      3.5m      6.1m      420N/m2 170N/m2 (22m/s)
14m      4.2m      6.8m      300N/m2  140N/m2 (20m/s)

The Container Canopy is designed to fit onto 20ft and 40ft containers. Multiple containers can be positioned end to end to create longer structures.

Available in 10, 12 and 14m wide, and designed to fit onto 20ft and 40ft containers. When requesting a quote, please indicate size requirements and any optional extras from previous page.

Securing System

The anchoring system has been specially designed by our in-house design engineers to tightly clamp onto shipping containers and porta-cabin ridges for a secure fit. All of the fittings and fixings are made from heavy-duty, galvanised steel for extra strength and durability.

Container Canopy Specifications

 Container Canopy conforms to;

BS 7837:1996 (2015) and DIN 4102 (B1): Specification for flammability performance for textiles used in the construction of marquees and similar textile structures.

8m container Canopy 10m Container Canopy   12m Container Canopy 14m Container Canopy
8m x 20ft £2,350.86 10m x 20ft £4,460.36   12m x 20ft £4,880.84 14m x 20ft £5,236.50
8m x 40ft £4,243.09 10m x 40ft £7,626.21   12m x 40ft £8,316.63 14m x 40ft £8,900.74
REAR GABLE £1,256.83 REAR GABLE £1,858.49   REAR GABLE £2,265.18 REAR GABLE £3,005.63
DOOR END £2,878.50 DOOR END £2,675.20   DOOR END £3,861.34 DOOR END £4,357.47
D-PANEL £363.14 D-PANEL £955.31   D-PANEL £1,156.23 D-PANEL £1,601.36

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