Compact Greenhouse : 4'.3'' Wide

 Compact  Greenhouses

4'3" wide x unlimited lengths from 4'5"

We can offer you a BASIC KIT or the COMPACT PACKAGE.....

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Description and Specifications

Double Door opening width 600mm / 2ft.

Double Door height 1.750m / 5ft. 9in.

External height to ridge including the integral base 2.122m / 6ft. 11in.

External height to eaves including the integral base 1.553m / 5ft. 1in.

External width 1.310m / 4ft 3ins

External length starts at 740mm / 2ft. 5ins. and then in multiples off 600mm / 2ft. x 2ft.

Roof vent size 600mm x 600mm / 2ft. x 2ft.


 Please note: All kits are supplied with horticultral glass as standard. You can upgrade to toughened glass on the options page. Packed with many features found on larger models, the Compact offers a surprisingly spacious gardening experience with an eave height of 5' 1¼", ideal for the beginner or modern styled garden where space is at a premium. 


integral-gutter.jpg ground-level-threshold.jpg double-doors.jpg double-door-catch.jpg roof-vent.jpg