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Agricultural Polytunnels

The original sheep house was an adaptation made by agricultural colleges in the late 1970’s. By utilising the growing trend of polythene-clad houses used in horticulture, the colleges were able to accommodate the differing stockman techniques developed over the last few decades. Some of the different approaches to modern sheep management and breeding are aimed at achieving an edge over competitors, to gain a price advantage at auction, or to breed quality stock. Not all breeds are created in the same way, so tunnel structures and fixtures can vary depending on the needs and variations of the stock. Scanning sheep, segregated feed rations and monitoring stock close at hand allows the stockman greater control over the welfare of his animals. Another benefit is whilst overwintering the stock inside, the land is allowed time to rejuvenate and sustain the new flock sooner. No more carrying feed through waterlogged fields.

Size Available 18' 21' 24' 27' and 30' wide by almost any length. We also supply twin or multi span structures.

Sheep house is supplied with:

1. Framework

60mm diameter Z35 pre galvanised steel tubing, Heavy duty foundation tubes, 3’6” (1.07m) straight sides, 12’ (3.66m) high, 30’ (9.14m) wide x any length in increments of 5’ (1.52m) Anti-Hot Spot Tape this tape is placed on the hoop of a tunnel prior to the sheet being fitted. It acts as an insulation between the metal and the polythene and can prolong the life of a polythene sheet by at least a year. Ends 3” x 3” (75mm x 75mm) tanalised timber end frames supplied with shade net panels for each end. (Doors not supplied) Side Vents 4” x 2” (100mm x 50mm) tanalised timber side rail including fittings, battens and nails for both sides of the structure. Complete with Tensar cladding side ventilation netting with a 63% protection factor. The tensar cladding is battened to the timber side rail and is held in place with straining wires and battens on the outside of each hoop leg. (Base rails are not required with this structure).

Covering Materials
Please specify which cover you require when ordering.
• Opaque white polythene 720g (180 micron). UV stabilised polythene with a 5-year life span. 68% light transmission makes this an excellent cover for livestock housing.
• Green and white polythene 800g (200 micron). UV stabilised polythene with a 5-year life span. This polythene blends in with the environment and is 100% lightproof.
(Artificial lighting required).

Please Note: We supply this structure with straight side at 3’6”.  Or our high sided structure at 5' 6’’ Extras Tie Bars. Galvanised steel tubing supplied with 2 struts to ridge and all brackets and fixings. Increases wind and snow load capacity by approximately 20%.

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